The Apples'N'Acorns Contest!

Week 1 (Thematic Clip Art): Judy Cooper of Lubbock, TX
Week 2 (For All Seasons Sticker Book): Terri Fodor of Sodus , MI
Week 3 (Super Workbook): Cindy Schumaker of Cottonwood, ID
Week 3 (Classrooms That Work): Julie Filer of Snohomish, WA
Grand Prize ($100 A 'N' A GIFT CERTIFICATE): Keree Huston of Bothell, WA

Apples'N'Acorns and Teachers.Net are teaming up to give away some great prizes for teachers of all ages! All you have to do to be eligible is complete the entry form below during January. You need not buy anything to be eligible to win. Random drawings for these great prizes will take place on January 15, 22, 29, and Feb 4th. Winners will be announced by the following Mondays. A grand prize drawing will take place after the contest closes on Feb 4th to give away a $100 gift certificate for Apples'N'Acorns products. Everyone who enters during the month will be eligible to win the grand prize!

The 4 single sets will be given away in this order: Thematic Clip Art book; For All Seasons Sticker Book; Super Workbook; and Classrooms That Work: They Can All Read and Write. These prizes are all provided by Apples'N'Acorns and can also be purchased from the Apples'N'Acorn website.

Prizes awarded in January include the following:

Week 1: Thematic Clip Art: winner: Judy Cooper of Lubbock, TX

Description: Thematic Clip Art: Bursting with art! Features 16 themes kids love, such as oceans, animals, money, dinosaurs, and space. Imagine how wonderful your bulletin boards, awards, and games will look! 160 pages printed one side.

A $16.95 value!

Week 2: For All Seasons Sticker Book: winner: Terri Fodor of Sodus , MI

Description: For All Seasons Sticker Book: This book is filled with 1020 thematic stickers that are perfect for every occasion.

A $14.95 value!

Week 3: Super Workbook: winner: Cindy Schumaker of Cottonwood, ID

Description: Super Workbooks: Just what the busy teacher needs! These books provide a multitude of reproducible worksheets. Each book is tabbed for easy and quick access to the curriculum areas of language arts, math, science, and social studies.

A $19.95 value!

Week 4: Classrooms That Work: winner: Julie Filer of Snohomish, WA

Description: Patricia Cunningham's book is by far the best resource for language arts. It is so full of useful ideas that you only need to skim through the index to find numerous strategies, activities and ways to make your classroom a better place for readers and writers.

A $24.00 value!

Grand Prize:

Winner: Keree Huston of Bothell, WA

Beginning January 15, prizes will be awarded each Friday and announced on the Teachers.Net website (Four Blocks and Early Childhood ChatBoard, Four Blocks and Early Childhood Mailring, and the Teacher ChatBoard). We'll announce our grand Prize winner on February 128. So visit the Four Blocks ChatBoard each week to see if your name has been selected!

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