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Men, so good to see your post on Friday. I'm starting a new one to bring this to the top. Wow--what a two weeks you've had. How scary about the granddaughter and so happy she's well again! That's a long drive, especially in the winter. It must feel good to have your teen-ager resettled in an environment that works for her. Is Gram getting the fever for the martial arts, persoanally?

After two weeks of lots of babysitting and being unable to exercise, last week was much better. I went to the gym three times for walking; that's always fun in a small town where I so often see/walk with people I know. One night we watched a movie ("Flying Dutchman," an indie film available on Vimeo--produced by a former student of DH's, and a wonderful introspective piece with amazing scenic shots; the former student and an older man who was nearly blind took a bike/sidecar trip from Michigan to the Oregon coast), and I walked my 10K mostly in place.

We've had lots of snow, and no opportu...See More
men52 Elaine: thanks for the response! No, I am not thinking of taking Taekwando anytime soon. I am considering it for the other two grandkids before they enter those difficult junior high years.
Feb 12, 2018

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