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I will be taking the gk reading for the 8th (hopefully the final time) February 26th. I have been studying the quizlet flashcards and practicing with crack act. The only passage that I can't seem to find is Woman in Stem. Does anyone have it? Also any other advice will be helpful.
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AP Chem can you please sent it to me too? Thank you. nickgarcia65@gmail.com
Feb 13
Charel @AP- what do you need?
Feb 13
AP Charel: I need passages: running shoes, chemicals in papers (Im not sure it was chemicals or acids?), Catalonia... and if you know any prompt for this month. I need to pass reading and Essay ASAP or I will loose my job :( Thank you
fay  I would greatly appreciate any information for the GKT please..my email is fayy10@outlook.com. .Thank you
Feb 13
Loveteaching HI, I took the reading portion 4 time, and finally passed it about 3 month ago.

Not sure if it is your case, but my problem was never being able to answer all the questions. The last time I took the test, I was determined to finish it all. I went over the passages and the questions, trying to understand and trying to chose the best option,...See More

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