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I took the GK math yesterday in Ft Lauderdale and did not pass :( I counted 40 questions not 45. I still got 100 minutes. Most of what I practice from the NavaED was not on there.
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DestiNee @Bee I am still trying to pass this section as well. YOU GOT THIS!!!
Bee HI Destinee, What are you using to study? Have you tried any test prep near you? I paid $75 for a 5-week test prep for the Math GK next week at FAU. WE GOT THIS!!! :)
Oct 30
DestiNee Hi Bee! Omg! I just looked into doing that course as well. I've been using Nava Ed. I'm gonna definitely get into that prep course at FAU.
14 hours
Bee HI Destinee, I am taking the prep course and it is very informative so far. I will be retaking the math exam around Dec.
10 hours
lolita Bee and Destinee I want to pass the math seccion too, but I think the math test is different every month.
10 hours

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