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Would love to get a little info on what to expect with the "Professional Education Test".

I am taking the test Sept. 19th. I know it is a long test...but hoping that it will be easier than the GK Tests. Those took a few times to get over.

Any info is GREATLY appreciated.
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TAG I have both NavaEd books to sell... agathos81@aol.com hit me up if interested
Sep 14
Taylor Will comment to also get usefull info.
Sep 16
rus432 Carmen just one reply is enough.
5 hours
rus432 TAG take it to ebay. Don't go on someone else's thread trying to sell stuff.
5 hours
TAG I simply offered and if you wouldn't have had a B&@ch fit I would have given you the information I had to help me pass. Sorry not sorry!
1 hour

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