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Does anyone have any ideas of a summer program or a computer program that might benefit an ELL to continue to work with language over the summer while school isn't in session? My ELL is a unique case, he came from China as a boy, and he had a cleft palate along with hearing issues, so his vocabulary
Thought I would post some info about my experience so far- I was offered and accepted a position in Germany earlier this week. I have literally been stalked by Germany this year for some reason- 3 interviews, 1 I missed from not being able to access voicemail in Spain, and a 5th request for an inter
Greetings! I'm in the process of formatting my evidence for my PGEs in Component 1. Am I allowed to use several pieces of evidence on a single page? For example, if I want to include 3 different certificates, may I shrink them to fit the page?
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Does anyone have recommendations for a Spanish 4 textbook/curriculum favorites? Next year will be my first year teaching Spanish 4 and I'm looking for any helpful suggestions as I research books and curriculum pieces. Thanks!
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I just wanted to encourage all the SPED teachers out there looking for jobs, to obtain as many certs as possible. In all the referrals/interview requests I received this last year, only ONE (out of probably 15) was for LIMM. The rest were combinations of different sped certs, or LIMS, or PSCD. I kno
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Our Spring has come at last with the soft laughter of April suns and shadow of April showers. ~ Byron Caldwell Smith
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I want to step down from the two committees I'm on at my school. I've feeling overwhelmed and exhausted. I'm looking for a reference resource to help explain to my principal why I want to take a break from committees. I teacher mod/severe and my caseload is 14 students. I'd really appreciate some he
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What is going on with Europe DODEA hiring? Still haven't seen any posts.
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Under qualifications, next to Kindergarten there's a note that says "4/27/17 LS-Qualified" under the "classes needed/ missing information" section...
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This is a non-official, but fairly popular page. There are a lot of answers there, but remember that they are anecdotal and that your actual experience may be different. (That's my way of nicely saying that some people speak without knowing, and many times cite their experiences which may be old pol
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I gave up my beloved Fitbit because my walking sticks were confusing it. I'm trying to keep track of exercise duration now. Today I took a long local walk, 2 hours. Fortunately I'm at goal weight so each step isn't as critical, but I'm logging My Fitness Pal daily to keep myself honest--I'm a food c
What do Non-certified subs earn in Memphis earn daily and is there a demand for subs? What do certified subs earn daily?
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Hello, Some of you may already know this, but we rented a very small storage unit for some personal items: piano, boxes and boxes of pictures, photo albums, sentimental keepsakes. Well, I was talking to my friend today who has been with DoDEA for 8 years, and he let me know that the military stores
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I received an interview request for a school near Wiesbaden. I am really excited! Has anyone lived in that area as civilians? I am not military connected at all and from what I have read it looks like my family would have to live off base?
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I'm applying for alternative certification and wondering if I should include a cover letter with my transcripts and resume. If so, to whom should I address it?
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Last week I accepted an offer for a school in Japan. This week I received two emails requesting interviews. Am I correct in the assumption I may no longer interview for other positions/locations?
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I finally finished ALL of my paperwork- medical, passports, etc. all finally done. Now I can focus on my ACTUAL job lol.
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My Dear Art Teachers, I'm working on posters for art classrooms and have designed a couple of them so far. I would be really glad if you could suggest me what kind of posters would be really helpful for your class. What topics would you like to see on your wall? Thanks for your help :-) Here is an e