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Hi There, Can anyone give some insight into how difficult the WEST-B is? I struggled with a few of the reading comprehension practice tests I found online and it's hard to get a good grasp on how difficult it really is. Any tips on how to manage the time (I believe you have 5 hours to get through al
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I would like to know good and reliable internet sites where I can apply to teach abroad. If you have experiences with them better.
We did lots of walking at our church women's getaway weekend with our amazing Midwest February weather. (Today I mistakenly wore my long-sleeved turtleneck-- overdressed.) Sadly, I'm sure this is not good for the fruit growers. But, for me--8952 steps yesterday and 15,467 today! Instead of the usual
Hail Mary, full of grace to the Lord is with you. Blessed are you among woman and blessed is the fruit of your womb Holy Mary mother of God, pray for us sinners now and at the hour of our death. Say 9 Hail Mary's for 9 days on 9 day make 3 request. No matter how impossble PUBLISH after day Please gr
I am working on Component 4 for ELA/AYA. Has anyone considered how to present "data or other results" from the formative/summative assessments? Are they asking for a narrative, or could I create a graph/pie chart/etc . . . ? Thanks!
I am working on Component 4 for ELA/AYA. Has anyone considered how to present "data or other results" from the formative/summative assessments? Are they asking for a narrative, or could I create a graph/pie chart/etc . . . ? Thanks!
I'm getting set up for the videoing and am looking for advice. Is it better to use my Canon Powershot camera to video or could I use my iPad? I read in the portfolio instructions that external mics are necessary. Can you use such a thing with an ipad?
Hello, my class of mostly ELL students would like to pen pal with other 2nd graders in another country.
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Helping my wife update here application, at the top of the File Attachments section, it says: Please upload a copy of all official transcripts as one single attachment She went to two schools... does that mean I should combine her transcripts from both schools into a single file? Or are they referri
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I'm seeking h.s. Spanish teachers to review my latest book, Tortillas & Peanut Butter: True Confessions of an American Mom Turned Mexican Smuggler. It's an Amazon Top-10 Bestseller in Humor, Biography/Memoir, & Solo travel. The tidbits about Mexican culture tucked between the chuckles are meant to e
In C4 Knowledge of Students document I am told to add no more than 2 pages of evidence (progress charting, email records, notes, etc) that shows I collected info from at least two sources: families, colleagues, professionals in the district or field, community members. I'm confused as to how I show
<h3><font color=red>People themselves alter so much that there is something new to be observed in them forever. <i>~ Jane Austen</i></h3></font>
In the directions it states that all work must be first drafts. I have a student that is working on showing details in her work. For sample 3 she wrote a wonderful piece on her favorite season but she used a graphic organizer first. Should I use the graphic organizer or her first draft on her lined
1. Do you and your SO combine your money or keep it separate? If you don't combine your money, how are the bills divided? 2. Do you basically agree with how your SO spends money and does your SO agree with how you spend? 3. Is your attitude towards spending, saving, and donating similar to your pare
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I have some seniors that have jobs after school. I'm sure for the most part they are just minimum wage jobs to earn some pocket money. I have given students the opportunity to come to my classroom after school to work on computers if they don't have access outside of school. Should I have a policy w
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I am in need of one more science credit to get my chemistry cert in addition to my other certifications. Any online suggestions as I am over seas.
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