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Hello, everyone. A week ago I was looking at several YouTube videos on presenting the names of the colors in Spanish. It seemed like some of the videos did not roll their R's for the color "rojo". Come to find out, my ears are not hearing the quick, short rolled R (I guess). Are there different alof
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Hi all! I am hoping you guys can help me out.  It is my understanding that after you receive a tentative offer, HR will send you a mammoth load of paperwork to be filled out within 5 days. What exactly has to be done besides just filling out forms? Could I possibly get it done in a day or two? I'm
Howdy! I'm looking for a good cheap California teachers creditialing program.
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Bob, do you have a sense of how long this updating will take? Could you give us a heads' up when it will be non-functional? I've loved this spot on the net for decades, but I admit to frustration these past few weeks/months. Thanks for all you do. Elaine
Hello , I am a teacher with a certain district in ga ..I should be offered a teacher /soccer position soon with another district ..I am not sure if that will be before June 1 the deadline .. I know to be released , one must me promoted ..Is moving from Teacher to Teacher /head coach considered a pro
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I have a summer trip planned for July. Thinking it's a good idea to cancel to save money. Supposed to go to LA for a week and Tokyo for 2 weeks. Has anyone ever canceled flights before? Were you able to receive credit for non-refundable flight tickets.
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Caregiver was late and I needed a ton of groceries (because weekday caregiver is on vacation all next week), so I only got to walk for an hour. Better than nothing. I'm a little worried about my weight because I won't be able to walk next week and I'm downright terrible at housewalking. Fingers cros
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I have an interview Wednesday for a preschool disabled position in Germany. I am super nervous and do not believe I will do fantastic with a phone interview. Anyone on here has any advice for the questions that may be asked for this position. Thanks in advance
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I can't post a comment because I can't find a "send" button. Help please.
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Got in a total of 11.9 miles with a group ride this morning in an overcast, very humid but breezy morning. We saw 2 over 3 feet in length snapper turtles crossing roads very slowly. The cars were backed up both directions waiting to drive into Walmart for one of the turtles to cross a busy intersect
For next school year, I am looking to have my students participate in a postcard exchange Please respond if you are interested. Thanks.
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I am in need of pen pals for my students for the next school year. I will be teaching a 4th/5th grade multiage class. If you are interested, please respond. Thanks.
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DoDEA used to offer Space/Earth Science as a year long course of science study. it looks like it is no longer offered. Do you think it will come back with the new Career and College Ready Standards?
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It seems as if full URLs and links are restricted from being posted. But, is it O.K. to post a partial URL of a webpage? There is an interesting website that contains various reports and letters, plus press releases, relating to misconduct in the New York City School System. Here is the home page an
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Does anyone know if rheumatoid arthritis will disqualify someone from receiving a job overseas with DODEA?
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Hi, I'm an elementary teacher and I submitted an application back in February for the 2017/2018 school year for several state side bases, as well as overseas . The application site says I'm qualified for everything I've applied for, but I haven't had a phone call or email. How long have others waite
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Boy, did I ever make the best use of my free time today! First I walked for 45 minutes then went to the produce store. Next I got a haircut followed by a great browse at TJMaxx where I found 2 Nike shirts for summer walks. How was your day?
Well.. I received my message that I have not been selected for the position I interviewed for. It took a month, but the email came today. I am super sad, but also thankful that I could be considered and interview. It was my only referral and interview this year. I know that just K-12 Art is difficul
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