Reading Mastery Level 1 and Level II, COMPLETE KITS
Posted by Nicole, MO on 6/24/10

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    1995 Rainbow Edition

    (workbooks, storybooks, teacher presentation books, test
    books, behavioral objectives, etc.) All editions of
    Reading Mastery are similar in content. So, even though
    these kits were published in 1995, they are similar and
    just as effective as the 2009 Reading Mastery Signature
    edition series.

    I'm unsure of an exact selling price. Reading Mastery
    materials are usually quite expensive. I've used the
    program as a reading specialist with hundreds of various
    struggling readers during the past ten years and can
    honestly tell you that it a top notch intervention that you
    can always count on. I bought my first Reading Mastery I
    kit (similar to the one I am selling, in used conditon) in
    2005 for $225. Therefore, I am going to have to ask for at
    least $350 (FREE SHIPPING) for both of these kits. I know,
    this is a lot of money. If you wanted to buy these two
    same kits from SRA/McGraw Hill, it would cost you around
    $1500. Knowing that, talk to you administrators (if you
    are teaching in a school) and inform them of how much money
    could be saved if these kits were ordered from me instead
    of McGraw-Hill. I can provide an invoice.

    It is very rare to find two complete RM kits with all
    included components for this kind of price. If you are a
    reading teacher, think of how profitable it would be to own
    the kit yourself instead of it considered as school
    property. You can take the kit and use it where ever and
    when ever you need to help a kid achieve reading success.
    I personally own four RM kits and am grateful that I can
    still take them with me between different schools.

    If you would like pictures or a more detailed description
    of what is in each kit, then e-mail me. I have strong
    empathy for teachers who have no access to funds to pay for
    proven, intensive reading interventions. If you can
    explain your situation (why there is no access to funds,
    who or what you would use the kits for, etc.)in a paragraph
    or two, then I will drastically cut the price down. I've
    worked for a private school that did not have the needed
    funds to pay for Reading Mastery and I was in a financial
    crisis myself. My students that did not receive the
    Reading Mastery instruction due to lack of funding for
    materials, did not progress as well as those students that
    did get the RM instruction. It was frustrating.

    Please don't buy these kits and turn around and sell them
    for double on ebay. In fact, I will only sell to a buyer
    that can give me some background of what/how he will be
    using the kit. I would like to sell to a teacher that knows
    the power of direct instruction like Reading Mastery. My
    selling price is low (and can be lowered more if you can
    explain your situation) in order to help a fellow teacher

    If I don't find a buyer within the next 10 days, these kits
    will go up on Amazon and Ebay.

    Nicole Schaben