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    Carmen Y. Reyes

    Posted on 8/27/16
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    Keys to Meaning: What Teachers and Tutors Can Do to
    Improve Reading Comprehension Skills is an education and
    teaching book by Carmen Y. Reyes, The Psycho-Educational

    To grasp the meaning of what they are reading, one
    reading style does not fit all children all of the time.
    Children need to be aware that each kind of reading
    (fiction and nonfiction) requires a different approach
    (or key) to grasp meaning. Weaker readers in particular
    benefit from knowing several reading comprehension
    strategies simultaneously, and in understanding which
    specific key to meaning helps in resolving the particular
    reading comprehension problem that they are having. When
    one approach is not fixing the problem, the child does
    not need to feel frustrated in doing inefficient things
    that do not target the problem, because he/she will be
    able to switch to a different key to meaning, or to try
    an alternative reading approach. There are 43 keys to
    meaning in this book, listed under the categories: word
    meanings, literal or factual, and inferential or
    interpretive. These three main categories are analyzed
    from both the fiction and the nonfiction perspective.

    With over twenty years teaching students who are
    struggling academically, Carmen understands well the
    pains and frustrations of our learners with special
    needs. She delivers an instructional guide filled with
    modified teaching techniques and alternative strategies
    that fits the needs of both average learners as well as
    learners in need of modified teaching approaches.

    You can preview this book on my Amazon store.

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