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    Carmen Y. Reyes

    Posted on 8/27/16
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    “Keeping the Peace: Managing Students in Conflict Using
    the Social Problem-Solving Approach” is a book by Carmen
    Y. Reyes, “The Psycho-Educational Teacher.”

    The issue of how to communicate effectively with
    distressed students represents one of the biggest
    challenges that teachers, administrators, and support
    staff face in today’s schools. A different but related
    problem is how to resolve a conflict happening between
    two or more students. These are no light issues; much of
    what teachers and administrators describe as discipline
    problems and disruptive behavior in the classroom stem
    from breakdowns in teacher-to-student and student-to-
    student communication. When these breakdowns are ignored
    or treated poorly, conflict spins out of control. Once in
    a conflictive interaction, teachers and/or staff find
    themselves in adversarial relationships with students.
    Similarly, two students in conflict see each other as
    enemies. Angry feelings, aggressive behavior, and in most
    extreme cases, violence are the basic communication
    styles known to two adversaries; each side trying to win
    over the other side, with an “I win-You lose” attitude
    that affects both and benefits neither. The win-lose
    paradigm may settle the conflict, but only on the
    surface; genuine conflict resolution can take place only
    when all parties involved feel treated fairly. Simply
    put, to manage conflict effectively, teachers and
    students need better communication patterns. This takes
    us to the second premise in this book: conflict
    resolution is an interpersonal communication skill that
    teachers and students can learn. Effective listening and
    speaking skills are prerequisites to effective
    communication, and effective communication is the
    prerequisite for effective conflict resolution.

    In her book, Carmen Y. Reyes details a framework of
    interpersonal communication principles and strategies
    that lies the foundation for both creating a positive
    classroom atmosphere and for resolving conflicts once
    they happen.

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