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    Posted on 10/22/19
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    About kubernetes training course
    Kubernetes is a portable, extensible open-source platform
    for managing containerized workloads and services that
    facilitates both declarative configuration and
    automation. It has a large, rapidly growing ecosystem.
    Google open-sourced the Kubernetes project in 2014.
    Kubernetes builds upon a decade and a half of experience
    that Google has with running production workloads at
    scale, combined with best-of-breed ideas.

    In our kubernetes Training you will learn:
    Various components of k8s cluster on AWS cloud
    using ubuntu 18.04 linux images.
    Setting up AWS cloud environment manually.
    Installation and setting up kubernetes cluster on
    AWS manually from scratch.
    Installation and Setting up etcd cluster ( key-
    value ) datastore
    Provisioning the CA and Generating TLS
    Certificates for k8s cluster and etcd server.
    Installation of Docker.
    Configuring and CNI plugins to wire docker
    containers for networking.
    Creating IAM roles for the kubernetes cloud
    Kubernetes deployments, statefulsets, Network
    policy etc.
    Why consider a kubernetes career path in IT industry?

    Kubernetes demand has exploded and its adoption is
    increasing many folds every quarter.
    As more and more companies moving towards the automation
    and embracing open source technologies. Kubernetes slack-
    user has more 65,000 users and counting.

    Who is eligible for the kubernetes course?

    Beginner to intermediate level with elementary knowledge
    of Linux and docker.

    Enroll Today for our Kubernetes Training!

    Contact Us:
    Call: USA: +1- 770-777-1269.

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