ESL Teachers urgently needed!
Posted by China on 3/23/05

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    Due to the growing and urgent demand by our clients (over
    486 schools and companies) in China, we are always under
    pressure /contract for recruiting/supplying a large number
    of native speakers of English to work as ESL teachers at
    different Chinese schools and organizations. At the moment,
    we have an urgent requirement for 374 ESL teachers before
    the end of March 2005 across the China. All those ESL
    teachers who wish to come to China could enjoy the full list
    of our attractive offers outlined in our Standard Contract
    at our Website (

    If you are seriously pursuing one of the most rewarding
    teaching position in China, then please kindly follow our
    on the Website and then please kindly provide us the
    following list of documents/information in full ASAP.

    1- Your full personal information/Letter of Confirmation
    (Please Click Here)
    2- Your full CV/Resume
    3- The copy of your academic
    degree/diploma/certificate/or college transcript
    4- The Photocopy of the data page of your valid passport
    5- Your recent color Photo

    As long as you are a native speaker of English, having an
    education beyond high school (certainly BA degree/or
    equivalent most prefered), having a sound health condition,
    over 20 and under 65 years old, and with an integrity,
    strong responsibility and reliability, you are more than
    qualified to get one of the most attractive position in China

    Please visit our website at and apply for the positions
    by sending your application to Len Lazam at