Native English Speakers & Volunteers
Posted by China on 3/23/05

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    A Large Number of Native Speaker of English and Volunteers
    Are Sought Urgently For Chinese "Hope Project"

    Please kindly note that "Hope Project" was designed and
    launched by the Government of China in early 1996 with the
    sole objective of eliminating poverty in the vast/remote
    rural areas of China mainly by developing educational
    projects there. Thus this "Hope Project" has already
    received a massive and impressive support since its launch
    (both in the form of financial aid and volunteer's work)
    from all the A-Z Chinese organizations/factories and
    companies, overseas governments institutions, international
    communities and a large number (over 60,000/Year in average)
    of overseas volunteers.

    If you wish to become one of the member of this significant
    and impressive project, you are more than warmly welcomed by
    the Central Government of China, the relevant governments of
    local communities and as well as those needy school kids of
    the vast and poor rural area of China.

    As long as you are a native speaker of English and have a
    sound health condition, you are more than qualified to get
    an impressive position under this important project,
    regardless of your past academic qualification and training

    This is a paid volunteers position. So you shall enjoy a
    reasonable monthly salary, international round trip air
    ticket, fully furnished and comfortable apartment, medical
    insurance, and many more. For more details of this
    attractive position in China, please send resume to Miss Len
    Lazam at