Creative Workshops in the Amazon
Posted by Mamori Lake (Manaus, Brazil) on 4/18/05

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    Dear photo educators,

    I am writing to you to let you know about our photography
    courses for summer 2005. The workshops last for one week
    and will be held at the Mamori Art Lab (MALAB) on Lake
    Mamori (Amazon State), 65 km from the Brazilian city of

    This is a unique opportunity to extend your knowledge about
    photography and enjoy the fantastic environment of the
    Amazon jungle. I recommend the following workshops:
    Title: “The art of traveling: photography and travel”
    Professor: Roger Grasas, photographer

    Description: Theoretical reflection will be combined with
    work on a personal project about the experience of
    traveling to the heart of the Amazon jungle. We will draw
    on the language of photographic imagery, in combination
    with other forms of creation.

    Dates: from 15 to 22 August (7 days)

    Number of participants: 12

    Price*: 850 € (Students : 650 €)
    Title: “From nature to art - light as a bridge between
    Truth and Beauty”
    Professor: Roger Grasas, photographer

    Description: Starting out from possible intersections
    between Art and Science, this seminar will try to bring
    these two discourses together by using photographic imagery
    as the supreme exponent of this connection. The natural
    environment of Lake Mamori and the Amazon rainforest will
    act as a privileged substrate for creative experimentation
    with concepts such as the power of light, the esthetics of
    chaos or randomness in nature, and the art of the non-

    Dates: from 22 to 29 August (7 days)

    Number of participants: 12

    Price*: 850 € (Students : 650 €)
    Title: “The Amazon Herbarium and other fantasies: Cyanotype
    and different sources of Light”.
    Professor: CARLOS BARRANTES, photographer

    Description: The photographic principles and techniques of
    the photogram and cyanotype will be introduced.

    Dates: from 4 to 11 July (7 days)

    Number of participants: 12

    Price*: 850 € (Students : 650 €)

    * The price includes accommodation, board for one week, and
    all the costs of transport in the area of the lake. It
    does not include travel to Manaus, health insurance, or
    alcoholic drinks or snacks in the hostel.
    Enrollment process: Fill in and sign the enrollment form
    which you will find on our website www.malab,org and send
    it by fax to: +34 93 211 83 54
    To reserve your place, you must make a bank tranfer for 30
    % of the cost of the workshop.

    We would like to remind you that the deadline for
    enrollment is 1 June 2005

    If you think these workshops might interest your colleagues
    and associates, please convey this information to them.

    I hope that you will find our workshops interesting and

    With every good wish,

    Jorge Llorella
    Coordinator of MALAB
    Avenida Republica Argentina 159, 1º 2ª
    08023 Barcelona-SPAIN
    Tel. +34 93 211 83 54

    PS: There are advantages to group bookings:

    If you want to sign up to MALAB and would like a discount,
    we would like to encourage you to become the leader of a
    group. You will be able to save up to 170 €.

    If you can assemble a group of up to 4 people who would
    like to enroll on MALAB, you can benefit from a 5% discount
    in the enrollment cost for each participant, up to a
    maximum discount of 20%. (Eg.: I will pay 807.5 € if I
    bring one other participant, 765€ if I bring two, 722.5 €
    with three and 680 € with four participants.)

Summer workshops in the Amazon