Schools Attuned Program
Posted by All Across the United States on 5/17/05

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    The Schools Attuned Program is a professional development
    and service delivery program that helps educators acquire
    the knowledge and skills, and offers a system of
    innovative tools, to meet the diverse learning needs of K-
    12 students.

    The objective is to assist educators in using
    neurodevelopmental content in their classrooms to create
    success at learning and provide hope and satisfaction for
    all struggling students.

    The Schools Attuned Program offers educators new methods
    for recognizing, understanding, and managing students with
    differences in learning and to help all of the students in
    their class succeed.

    > A focused study of eight neurodevelopmental constructs
    that affect learning
    > A minimum of 35 instructional hours
    > A minimum of 10 hours of follow-up experiences
    > Ongoing online learning support
    > A yearlong commitment between the Schools Attuned
    Program participant and the course site

    > Learn from the leading, research based professional
    development program that focuses on neurodevelopmental
    > Develops district-level expertise in learning
    > Involves administrators, teaching faculty, students, and
    parents, giving them new strategies to positively affect
    > Strengthens professional teaching practice through
    reflection, feedback, analytical work, and use of
    > Provides common language across all disciplines to
    better serve struggling students
    > Guided implementation for the classroom and school site
    > Benefits every student in the classroom and improves
    overall performance

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