Youth Change Workshops
Posted by The Problem Student Problem-Solver Workshop on DVD and Video on 9/18/06

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    Recorded Workshop Delivers College Credit and CEUS

    Got Problem Kids? Here's your Problem Student Problem-Solver
    Conference. You name the problems and this workshop delivers
    hundreds of immediate, problem-stopping answers. You will
    leave with innovative, more effective strategies for school
    failure, truancy, dropping out, work refusal, violence,
    delinquency, bad attitudes, depression and more. $43 College
    credit and free clock hours available.

    Free sample interventions, and free monthly Problem Student
    Problem-Solver magazine available at our web site,, or via email (,
    or call toll-free to 1-800-545-5736.

    Live classes coming throughout US this fall and spring.
    Work-study financial aid available for all classes. Call for

Teacher Professional Development Workshop