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    Adult education-instruction offered by personal professor,
    tutor-advisor:: teacher & extensively experienced personal
    tutor with multiple degrees, M.S in Mathematics, 7 years
    graduate study in mathematical sciences and years of
    experience in computer science. Please see Web Site
    information page for complete background reference

    All needed background taught through personalized
    individual sessions:: math, science or computer related
    activities beginning on your own level regardless of your
    experience or prior background. Experience proves that
    continuing education enhances the ability of motivated
    adults to learn a wide range of concepts and ideas that are
    essential to understanding and dealing with todays
    technological universe.

    In addition :: Offering personalized instruction in use of
    Apple Macintosh computers and software in development of
    personal computing-related activities and projects (Apple
    Macintosh only).

    For additional information contact me personally::
    Confidential email: -->
    References-Memphis, TN Additional contact information
    available on Web Site.

Math-Science & Apple Mac Projects