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Posted by University of Phoenix Online on 2/20/07

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    My name is Jaime Norris with University of Phoenix Online.
    I am a liaison with continuing teacher education. I am here
    to assist you as you search for certificate renewal options
    for your educators in your district.

    The University of Phoenix Online is designed to make your
    teachers' professional development as convenient and
    efficient as possible. Most of our online courses are 3
    weeks in length and provide 3 semester graduate credits.
    I will email you a current schedule of classes for you to
    forward to those in your district who need semester credits
    for renewal. (

    Tuition for a 3 week course is $498

    The following is a sample of our courses:

    (Please visit for a full listing of
    courses and course descriptions)

    Reading & Math Methods
    Classroom Management
    Technology Integration in P-12 Curriculum
    Inclusion and Mainstreaming
    ESL/Bilingual Education Methods
    Children's Literature and Cultural Diversity
    Phonological Theory
    Diagnosis and Remediation of Reading Difficulties
    Adolescent Psychology
    Curriculum and Instruction
    School Counseling
    Education Foundations
    School Finance
    Public School Law
    U.S. Constitution
    Special Needs Children in Early Childhood Education
    Characteristics of Speech and Language Disorders
    Health and Nutrition for the Classroom Teacher

    Advantages for Educators

    3 semester graduate level credits in 3 weeks
    100% online - no commute!
    Classes start every month
    We provide an official transcript upon request
    University of Phoenix is accredited by the Higher Learning
    Commission and a member of the North Central Association
    (regionally accredited)
    I look forward to working with you. Please save my
    information and call me when you need assistance. I can be
    reached at 800-214-5543.


    Jaime Norris, Product Liaison, Continuing Teacher Education

    University of Phoenix | 3157 E Elwood St | Phoenix, AZ
    phone 1-800-214-5543 | fax (602) 735-7037 |

    For a full listing of courses please visit:

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