Developing Teacher Fellowship Program at East Side Institute
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    ----------------------------------------- DEVELOPING
    TEACHERS FELLOWSHIP PROGRAM August 2007-June 2008 East Side
    Institute, New York, NY

    The East Side Institute for Group and Short Term
    Psychotherapy is now accepting applications for the
    2007-2008 Developing Teachers Fellowship Program, a local
    initiative designed to enhance the group building skills of
    New York City teachers. A select group of public and
    charter school teachers are chosen each year for this
    innovative program that develops teachers' capacities to
    create more collaborative, creative, playful and
    participatory learning environments for themselves and
    their students.

    The Need for the Program

    Whether they're working with a small group or a class of
    40, teaching workshop style or "chalk and talk," teaching
    to the test or engaging in creative play, teachers are
    always working with groups. Teachers of all grade levels
    and content areas can benefit greatly from learning the
    latest innovations in group process.

    In addition, many teachers feel unprepared for the complex
    challenges of today's classrooms: mixed learning styles and
    grade levels; cultural diversity; lack of motivation - all
    with the pressure to raise standards. In order to meet
    these demands, teachers need new tools for developing a
    rigorous and inclusive community in the classroom.

    Program Overview

    The Developing Teachers Fellowship Program consists of
    ongoing training and classroom supervision by Institute
    faculty during the school year 2007-2008. The Program will
    begin in late August 2007 and conclude June 2008. During
    the year, teachers will participate in bi-weekly Saturday
    workshops, monthly on-site supervision, an online
    supervisory group, and a final classroom or school
    demonstration project.


    Program Objectives

    * Introduce teachers to innovative ways of organizing
    groups to work more supportively.

    * Give teachers a new understanding of what groups are and
    how they work.

    * Provide teachers with practical new tools for creating
    classroom environments in which students can discover their
    capacity to create with others.

    * Help teachers more effectively attend to individual
    learning styles while working with the whole class.

    The skills of theatrical improvisation are the core of the
    program. Because improvisation requires careful listening,
    attentiveness to others, and acceptance of all 'offers', it
    is the foundation for building effective learning groups.
    Learning to improvise helps teachers creatively incorporate
    anything going on in the classroom (even such challenges as
    behavior problems or a range of reading levels) in the
    service of building a dynamic and productive learning
    environment. As they become skilled 'directors' of their
    classroom performance ensembles, Fellows will develop
    sensitivity to cultural differences; build fun, creative
    and participatory learning environments; and help their
    students take responsibility for meeting learning
    objectives. As their students experience the fun and
    success of improvisation, they will gain confidence,
    self-motivation and the willingness to access these skills
    when faced with unknown learning activities.

    This approach can be used within any subject area and with
    all children of an age. It does not require adding
    additional subjects, classes or skills to an already busy
    school day. This program aspires to provide schools with
    model classrooms where learning, growing, creativity and
    development can easily coexist with - indeed immeasurably
    enhance - academic rigor.

    Who Should Apply

    I'm an experienced educator looking for ways to turn my
    students on to learning and help them develop

    I'm a coach who is responsible for helping teachers
    incorporate new, innovative methods into their teaching
    practices. The usual 'How To's' aren't working. Where can I
    learn more about human development and gain team- building

    I've been teaching for a couple of years now and I'd really
    like to take my work to a new level and maybe move in the
    direction of being a master teacher or a mentor for new

    I'm a new teacher looking for a way to help all of the
    students in my class succeed in learning. Where can I learn
    to help my students perform successfully?


    We are now accepting applications for the 2007-2008 school
    year. For an application, go to
    Application deadline is May 1, 2007, with notification of
    acceptance by July 1, 2007.

    To apply to the Developing Teachers Fellowship Program, you

    * Be a certified K-12 teacher currently employed in a New
    York City public or charter school.

    * Have U.S. citizenship, or permanent residency with a
    valid green card, and fluency in English.

    * Have regular email access. To complete the application,
    please prepare the items below beforehand to submit online:

    * An updated resume

    * A detailed personal essay of 800-1,000 words that
    includes: 1)your teaching experience; 2)your teaching and
    learning philosophy; 3)your greatest challenges; 4)examples
    of classroom successes; 5)any performance experience you
    might have (theatre, music, dance, etc.) and 6)why you want
    to become a Developing Teachers Fellow.

    If accepted for an interview, you will need to bring
    undergraduate and, if applicable, graduate transcripts.

    If accepted into the program, you will need to provide a
    letter of support from your principal.

    For more information, contact:

    Melissa Meyer, Programs Coordinator (212) 941-8906

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