Online Professional Development Study: 7th ELA 8th Math
Posted by online on 5/08/07

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    Boston College is conducting a research study as part of a
    US Department of Education Ready to Teach grant, the e-
    Learning for Educators Initiative. The primary goal of the
    overall initiative is to establish an effective and
    sustainable model of online professional development for
    teachers. Part of the initiative involves conducting a
    large-scale research study which will evaluate the effects
    of online professional development on teacher knowledge,
    teacher practices, and student achievement.

    We invite all 7th grade ELA (English Language Arts) and 8th
    grade Math teachers of traditional classrooms to
    participate in this study! The study spans three school
    semesters (Spring 2007, Fall 2007, and Spring 2008).
    Participating teachers will be randomly assigned to either
    the experimental group or the control group.
    Some details are listed below and all details can be found
    at our

    Teachers assigned to the experimental group will
    participate in a series of three online professional
    development workshops, free of charge. These workshops
    were specifically designed for this study, focus on both
    content knowledge and pedagogical practices, and offer
    information and techniques that you can directly apply in
    the classroom. The workshops are targeted towards subjects
    where students tend to struggle and are based on state and
    national standards. Teachers completing the workshops are
    eligible for graduate credits. Teachers assigned to the
    control group will also have access to these same courses,
    free of charge, once the study completes (June 2008).

    Teachers in both the experimental group and the control
    group will also take a series of online surveys and
    administer a series of online tests to their students.
    Teachers receive instant feedback about student performance
    from these tests, which can be used to inform future
    instruction. Additionally, teachers will receive a $300
    stipend upon completion of all surveys and tests.

    We support your efforts to improve teacher quality and
    student learning and strongly encourage you to
    participate. The workshops begin in May and July, and the
    first round of surveys and tests must be completed before
    the workshops begin, so sign up now!

    Please visit the research study website for more
    information or to register for the study:

    You can also contact the researcher below with any

    Jessica Masters
    (617) 552-3574

    Thank you in advance for your consideration!

    Jessica Masters