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    Campus Landing concentrates on International Student
    Recruitment founded with the principle to provide the best
    admissions counseling possible to aspiring college and
    graduate students.

    We understand how stressful and time consuming the
    admissions process can be for applicants, and how
    increasing competition for places in top schools and
    programs has added to that pressure. Campus Landing helps
    the students increase their chances of gaining entry to
    their preferred programs by pairing them with appropriate
    International Education Advisors. All of our Advisors are
    well experienced, giving them a thorough understanding of
    admissions dynamics and decisions. They use that knowledge
    to help their clients make informed decisions and prepare
    effective application packages.

    Each International Education Advisor has a specific area
    of specialization (college, graduate, law, MBA or medical
    school admissions) that we take into consideration when we
    pair them with clients. As a result, you work with our
    International Education Advisor who will provide you with
    one-on-one service and honest admissions assessments that
    draw on a depth of experience unmatched in the admissions
    consultancy industry.

    Our comprehensive program and dedicated experts give you
    the Campus Landing Advantage. Take the next step toward
    achieving your educational goals and laying the
    foundations for a promising future. Call us at one of our
    offices or email us today!

    Key Features

    Top Notch Consulting
    Convenient one-on-one counseling
    In-depth, personalized action plan for you
    Speedy service
    Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Guaranteed Admissions in 320 Top accredited American and Canadian Universities