Posted by AHMEDABAD on 6/16/07

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    Campus Landing recruits quality students from all over the
    globe. Our mission is simply to promote diversity on
    college/university campuses in the United States, Europe,
    and Australia and to promote the value of higher education
    in ALL lands.

    Business Option - That makes the World grow WITH YOU!!

    Campus Landing was set up with a vision to enable students
    from all nations to have the opportunity to pursue higher
    education in the United States, UK, Canada, Australia, New
    Zealand, Switzerland, Ireland, Cyprus, Bulgaria & Russia.
    Our objective is to build a strong network of associate
    partners, who realize the same dream and derive
    satisfaction by learning and from helping young scholars
    to make their dream come true.

    This will happen when we take the partnerships we form
    with Associate Partners seriously. Our commitment to our
    associates is and will be the foundation of our success!
    It could also be the basis of your success as an Campus
    Landing Associate Partner.

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