UCLA Extension Online
Posted by Los Angeles, CA on 8/25/07

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    UCLA Extension Online offers professional development
    courses for educators and administrators every quarter -
    Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer.

    Professional Development Areas -

    -Early Childhood Program for Educators (CA Title 22, Title

    -Advanced Core Certificate for Supervisors and
    Administrators of Children 0-5 (Title 22 Child Development

    -Courses that Apply to a Credential K-12 (Ryan and SB 2042
    Multiple and Single Subject)

    -Ryan Designated Subjects Adult and Vocational Education
    Credential Courses

    -Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)

    -College Counseling Program

    -Instructional Design for Online Training and Education

    -Advanced Placement (AP) Training, offered in the Summer
    quarter only.

    All online courses are accessible 24/7 from home, work,
    and abroad. The course platform is Blackboard. An
    orientation is available at

    For begin dates, fees, and instructor information, please
    visit www.uclaextension.edu/teachers.

    Call 310-825-7729 or email hwilliam@uclaextension.edu