Yoga Calm for Children
Posted by Portland, OR on 12/12/07

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    Learn new tools, meet wellness mandates, rejuvenate
    yourself, and get PSU Graduate credits, CEUs or other
    professional development credits with a Yoga Calm workshop!

    Yoga Calm teaches fitness, health and life skills through
    physical yoga practices, social/emotional games,
    concentration activities, and relaxation techniques.
    Developed in schools, and informed from research, it helps

    Develop self-control, concentration skills, and
    emotional capacity
    Improve physical fitness, flexibility, and self-confidence
    Develop trust, compassion, communication, teamwork, and
    leadership skills
    Enhance relaxation, imagination, and learning

    Yoga Calm also helps you to become more effective, schools
    to meet mandates, and children to develop lifelong wellness
    habits and their associated benefits.

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Yoga Calm for Children Trainings & Workshops