UCLA Extension Online: Writers' Program
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    The Writers' Program at UCLA Extension offers online
    creative writing and screenwriting courses every quarter -
    January (Winter), April (Spring), June (Summer) and
    September (Fall).

    Online course formats range from weekend, weeklong, one
    month intensives and six to ten weeks in length. Course
    fees range from $125 to $375 to $525, depending on length.

    Here is an online course overview -

    -Approaching the Mystery Marketing Place: A Weeklong
    Course, Fee: $125

    -Plotting the Compelling Story: A Weeklong Course for
    Aspiring Novelists, Fee: $125

    -Writer as Witness to Life, Fee: $375

    -Creating the Character Driven Film, Fee: $525

    -Backstory and Beyond: An Intermediate Workshop in
    Creating Memorable Characters, Fee: $525

    -From Inspiration to Completion: Finding Your Movie,
    Fee: $125

    -Creating Universes, Building Worlds: The Short Story in
    Science Fiction and Fantasy, Fee: $525

    -The Essential Beginnings: An Introductory Creative
    Writing Workshop, Fee: $375.

    Online course access is 24/7 from home, work and abroad.
    Participants need reliable access to Explorer and
    Navigator. UCLA Extension uses Blackboard software for
    its online course offerings.

    For more information, email writers@uclaextension.edu or
    hwilliam@uclaextension.edu or call 310-825-7729 (PST).

    Visit www.uclaextension.edu/writers