Oxbridge Academic Programs
Posted by Teacher Seminars in Oxford, Cambridge and Paris on 1/16/08

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    Oxbridge Academic Programs has been running summer study
    programs for over twenty years, for both students and
    teachers. For teachers, we offer week-long residential
    Teacher Seminars in Oxford, Cambridge and Paris during the
    month of July.

    Our Teacher Seminars are designed to give educators access
    to current scholarship and university resources in a
    variety of fields, to introduce them to innovative
    approaches to traditional ideas, and to explore new
    pedagogical and curricular possibilities, as well as to
    provide a variety of cultural, social, and imaginative

    Our Seminars involve plenary sessions given by outstanding
    academics and intellectuals, regular group discussions
    on more focused educational themes, a comprehensive
    schedule of cultural events and outings, historical tours,
    museum and gallery visits, and free time for individual
    research and relaxation.

    For further information, please visit us at:

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