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Posted by Newton, MA on 3/14/08

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    The 2008 Summer Institute, July 10 - August 1, focuses on
    how to develop and teach lessons, units, and courses
    across the curriculum that infuse critical and creative
    thinking skills and
    important habits of mind into content instruction.

    Such curricular and instructional changes enhance deep
    content understanding, improve thinking, and elevate test
    performance. There will be a special emphasis in the 2008
    institute on how to enhance reading and writing across the
    curriculum through thinking-based learning, and there will
    be a special pre-conference seminar on thinking, emotions,
    and the will.

    For Information phone 617.965.4604, fax: 617.795.2606,
    or email: or visit our Website:

    Pre-Conference Seminar: The Role of Thinking in Doing The
    Right Thing July 10 12, 2008

    Infusing the Teaching of Critical and Creative Thinking
    into Content Instruction July 14 18, 2008

    Staff-Development Training for Teaching Thinking: Coaching
    Techniques and Workshop Design July 19, 2008

    Lesson-Design and Instructional Strategies for the
    Teaching of Reading and Writing in a Thinking Based
    Classroom July 2125, 2008

    Teaching to Develop the Important Habits of Mind July 28
    August 1, 2008

2008 Summer Institute