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    Understanding a Woman New Online Seminar

    The seminar will be held only once!

    It will start on March 25th, 2008 at 8pm ET

    Number of spaces is limited to 40.
    First 20 people registered - FREE (if registered before 7pm
    March 26th, 2008) 15 free spaces left!

    For details and to register - www.webinarch.com

    What is she thinking when she.....
    ... answers her cell phone during date?
    ... doesn't want to kiss on the first date?
    ... can't make a decision on where to go on a date...

    Are you tired of being dumped?
    Do you sit by the phone waiting for her to call?
    Are you intimidated on dates?
    Are you too shy to ask her on a date?

    Would you like to learn to understand a woman better?
    Would you care to know about her deepest dreams and fears?
    Would it be nice to find out about the forces that rule her
    life? Would you like to make your existing relationship
    Or would you like to build one that will work?

    If you answered "yes" to at least one of these questions,
    this seminar may be for you.

    Spend 7 Days in Women's Shoes!

    Register at www.webinarch.com

    What can you learn in this seminar?

    - Define your current relationship goals

    - Discover how to get yourself closer to your
    relationship goals

    - Start and strengthen your relationship

    - Learn what the power of polarity is and how it can
    strengthen your bond

    - Learn a set of skills that will make you more
    attractive to women

    - Practice skills that will strengthen your
    relationship with a woman
    -- Resolve conflict in an effective and
    efficient ways

    Details on delivery method will be sent to you by email,
    when you register. To register, please, visit www.webinarch.com

Understanding a Woman online seminar