Kim Sowder GISP and Dr. Erik Kvale
Posted by Field classes on 4/27/08

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    This workshop will teach you all about U.S. Geological
    Survey topographic maps: how to read them, what’s
    contained in the border information, field applications
    and measurements, how they can be used with a compass,
    projections, and triangulation.

    For hundreds of years, man has relied on maps to define
    his known world. Maps were drawn to show boundaries,
    locations of important places, and transportation
    corridors. We’ll be taking maps out into the beautiful
    Big Horn Basin.

    Workshop participants will also be introduced to
    Geographic Information System (GIS) concepts as well as
    learning how to effectively utilize global positioning
    systems (GPS) in the field. Moderate hiking will be

    College and Professional Certification Credits: