Internet Safety: Protecting Children in an Online World
Posted by Teacher Learning Board on 10/10/08

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    A course from Teacher Learning Board

    "This is a must have course for anyone who has children
    or works with children who access the Internet."

    Issues that the youth of today, parents, teachers and
    those who are part of their world face online is the
    essence of this content. Participants discover areas of
    the Internet used by youth, what kinds of threats exist on
    the Internet and how everyone can protect their loved
    ones, family members, students and those under their care
    or responsibility. A special focus of the course includes
    ways in which adults can protect themselves online.

    Clock Hours/CPDUs: 5
    Access: 90 days
    Price: $29
    Bonus: This course includes a printable copy of the What
    If... Guidebook as well as an Internet Use Agreement
    template and several must-know resources.

Online Course: Internet Safety: Protecting Children in an Online World