NC State Chapter QDMA and the NC Wildlife Resources Commissi
Posted by NC State Fair Grounds, Raleigh NC on 1/15/09

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    Teachers, Environmental Educators, Wildlife Managers,
    Foresters, and Sportsmen alike will enjoy the professional
    track, “The Future of White-tailed Deer Management”, which
    will be offered at the Dixie Deer Classic on March 6, 2009
    1:30pm- 5:00pm, offering Criteria III Environmental
    Education and 3 CF-1 CFE credits.

    This workshop will compare and contrast white-tailed deer
    management strategies, present cutting-edge white-tailed
    deer research, explore management of North Carolina’s native
    habitats, and feature a panel discussion by some of the
    nation’s leading white-tail experts.

    Reservations for the professional track are recommended, and
    may be reserved by sending name, address,phone and e-mail,
    to or by calling 919/552-9449.

The Future of White-tailed Deer Management in NC