1:1 Accent Reduction 2009 American English LA Voice Lessons
Posted by LA American Accent Course, Los Angeles 1:1 Oral English Course on 3/16/09

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    Are you ready to …

    … improve your English speaking and verbal English?
    … speak impeccable English?
    … use your English without being ashamed or embarrassed
    about it?
    … communicate with others using English with confidence?
    … earn respect from friends, colleagues, and professionals?
    … speak everyday English with clear pronunciation?
    … be more persuasive and articulate using English?
    … have a tailor-made English lesson?

    You will learn how to…

    … communicate clearly and effectively using English.
    … step-by-step ways to reduce your foreign accent.
    … enhance your verbal English ability.
    … speak and think like a English native speaker.
    … express yourself using English in any situation.
    … persuade others and easily express your opinion.
    … communicate effectively to professionals.
    … overcome shyness speaking English.

    The lesson is personalized to enhance your full English
    speaking potential.
    The classes are private English 1:1 lessons for maximum
    Private lessons will help you develop faster than a group

    The talented and knowledgeable American English teacher
    will guide you lesson-by-lesson.
    The American English teacher and trainer will focus on
    improving your English ability.
    So, you will reach your full potential immediately at a
    comfortable pace.

    The lessons can be taught at your home, public place, or
    your office.

    The tuition is under $20 per hour so you can enjoy
    excellent English
    lessons you can afford.

    Call (213) 842-1570 Signup for classes this week.