2009 July Intensive ESL-Catalina Island ESL Study
Posted by Los Angeles Intensive ESL - Catalina Island ESL Study Trip-LA on 3/18/09

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    2009 July Intensive ESL-Catalina Island ESL Study

    2009 July and 2009 August Catalina Island ESL Workshops

    Workshop Contents:

    *** Verbal Conversational English Skills
    *** Foreign Accent Reduction Skills
    *** English Fluency and Speaking English with Confidence

    --- Call: 213-842-1570
    --- May 2009 and June 2009
    --- Individuals and Small groups are welcome to register

    Workshops Start:
    --- July 6th 2009
    --- July 27th 2009
    --- August 10th 2009
    (also other dates will be available)

    Catalina Island Workshops Available:
    --- Weekday Trip Available
    --- Weekend Trip Available

    Information about Catalina Island Trip:
    --- Classes are in the morning
    --- Afternoon sightseeing and picture taking
    --- More information will be provided at registration

    Everyone will have an excellent opportunity to
    improve their English proficiency level, take pictures,
    and enjoy a new environment.

    Enjoy the summer of 2009!