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    Do you need positive motivation?

    Do you have difficulty using English?

    Do you procrastinate?

    Do you want to learn about American culture?

    Is English your second language?

    Do you want to learn American English?

    Do you have plans to live in Los Angeles for a long time?

    Do you have plans to work or study here for a long time?

    Do you speak English with a terrible accent?

    Do you have difficulty giving a presentation?

    Are you having problems adjusting to the American lifestyle?

    The American native English speaking coach devotes his life
    to bridging the American culture, American social
    and American communication skills development to
    individuals and groups adjusting to the lifestyle
    here in Los Angeles.

    --- Objectives of workshops/coaching:

    - motivation, positive mind-set, and communication skills.
    - to learn detailed cross-cultural differences between
    native home country and Los Angeles, USA.
    - to understand your limitations living in los Angeles
    to your native home country.
    - to bring balance to your lifestyle while living here in
    Los Angeles.
    - to recognize your weak areas of verbal communication.
    - to recognize your foreign accent problem areas of
    - to gain the proper skills of optimistic thinking and
    optimistic planning.
    - to increase your awareness of cross-cultural environment
    and survival
    in a new country and city.
    - to build confidence speaking easy to understand English.

    --- Duration of workshops/coaching:
    One or twice a week (available during weekdays/weekends)

    --- Cost of workshops/coaching:
    Affordable for your budget

    --- Place of workshops/coaching:
    At your home, public place, your office

    --- Type of instruction:
    Groups coaching available
    Private coaching available

    --- Contact:
    Call 213-842-1570 anytime

    --- Availability:

    Thank you for reading.