Accent reduction for master students visiting Los Angeles
Posted by Foreign MS students accent reduction course in Los Angeles, MS Student visiting Los Angeles for accent reducing training on 7/09/09

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    Greetings to everyone:

    The intensive English course is for those who wish to
    improve their verbal English communication skills for
    education reasons, social purposes, or academic
    advancement. The classes will be taught in Los Angles.
    Classes will be available weekdays and weekends. It will be
    an enjoyable, affordable, and educational experience. Los
    Angeles is an international community. This is the best
    opportunity to enhance verbal English and foreign accent
    reduction. Private lessons are available for one-to-one
    personal development. Also, the arrangement of small group
    lessons are possible, too! Creative study materials, up-to-
    date teaching methods, and motivational instruction will
    encourage everyone to do their best lesson-by-lesson.
    Signup today for this incredible and excellent intensive
    English course by calling (213) 842-1570.

    + - English for effective verbal communication
    + - English for strong oral fluency
    + - English for summer session 2009 advancement
    + - English for foreign accent reduction
    + - New learning experiences
    + - New teaching methods to boost results
    + - New and creative lessons

    a.) - Make an appointment by calling (213) 842-1570
    b.) - Explain learning objectives
    c.) - How many weeks (8, 12, or 16 weeks or longer)
    d.) - How many hours a day (2 hours or 3 hours)
    e.) - Explain about problems using English
    F.) - Join the am or pm class and start learning

    Reasonable tuition, exciting, and a fun experience!
    Have an enjoyable time learning English in Los Angeles,
    Classes are available 7 days a week!