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Posted by United States on 12/06/09

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    The Hip Hop Healthy Heart Program for Children™ The Most
    Comprehensive K-6th Grade Wellness Program Available!

    ** An Innovative Solution for Bringing Wellness and P.E.
    Back into America’s Schools ** A Unique Cardiovascular
    Disease and Obesity Prevention Program using Heart Health
    as its Theme ** Creates a Circle of Wellness that WORKS for
    a Lifetime! Flows from teacher to student, to family, to
    the entire community ** Music, Art and Positive Thinking
    Instill Permanent Healthy Lifestyles Multidisciplinary
    Approach Integrates Physical Education into Existing K-6th
    Grade Curricula: Language Arts, Math, Science, Social
    Studies, Geography ** Satisfies State and National
    Curriculum Standards ** Includes Parent Education and
    Sign-off ** Evaluation and Metrics: Effective, ongoing
    assessment measures program success ** Affordable Teacher
    Education: 150 Professional Development Hours @

    What will Inspire Busy Teachers to become Involved? ♥
    Affordable Teacher Education! ♥ 150 Professional
    Development Hours @ $0.66/credit

    Where? Regiser Online via Rio Salado College at How? Through web-based lessons When? On
    Demand – At your convenience What? ** 6-Module/ 6-Week
    Curriculum enhances existing K-6th Grade curricula ** 29
    Lessons (4-7 Lessons per Module) Include: Comprehensive
    Teacher Training, Lesson Plans, Handouts, Answer Sheets,
    Activities (In-Class, At-Home, On-Line) ** 29 Hip Hop-Style
    Rhymes Motivate and Summarize Each Lesson ** Integrates a
    Full-Spectrum of Self-Discovery & Self-Esteem Techniques:
    Stress Reduction, Creativity Building, Positive Group
    Dynamics, Critical Thinking, Character Development

    Hip Hop Healthy Heart Lessons for Children 6 Modules Module
    1: Meet Doctor Beat … Your Fascinating Heart Module 2: Take
    Down da’ Presha ... Maintaining Great Blood Pressure Module
    3: Eat Good Food, Dude ... Nutrition for Great Health
    Module 4: Improve Your Groove … The Many Benefits of
    Exercise Module 5: Grin it, Win it ... Dental Health Means
    Heart Health Module 6: Think Hip ‘n Happy … Positive
    Thinking for Healthy Heart

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