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Posted by New York, NY on 3/10/10

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    3/9-3/18: Register for HSBC National Center Spring Workshops!

    Council for Economic Education Winter Workshops

    *** Spring Workshops: A Smart Way to Revive Your Classroom! ***

    Invigorate your lessons and energize your students in 2010
    with HSBC National Center for Economic and Financial
    Education Spring Workshops.

    Come explore new lessons and content and acquire new
    interactive teaching techniques. Attend a Council for
    Economic Education workshop in 2010 and become a part of a
    professional network of economic and personal finance

    Registration is open!

    For more information please visit the HSBC National Center
    or call (212) 827-3602.

    *** Our upcoming workshops include ***

    * Play Dough Economics! And You Thought Economics Was Boring!

    March 11th

    * The Classroom Mini-Economy

    March 13th

    * Financing Your Future®

    March 18th

    *Financial Fitness for Life: 9-12

    April 17th

    *Financial Fitness for Life: 6-8

    April 28th

    *Financial Fitness for Life: K-5

    April 29th

    *Fight Financial Illiteracy! Learning, Earning and
    Investing®: The Online Game

    June 9th


    About the Council for Economic Education The Council for
    Economic Education is committed to empowerment and
    opportunity through economic and financial literacy. We
    provide teacher training programs and practical,
    standards-based economic and financial education to young
    people while they are in school.

    About the HSBC National Center
    The HSBC National Center for Economic and Financial
    Education is a visible and accessible launch site for new
    programs of the Council for Economic Education where
    visitors, including educators, business and foundation
    representatives, policymakers, and the media can observe
    economic, personal finance, and entrepreneurship education
    in action.

HSBC National Center