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Posted by Various on 2/15/13

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    CP Consulting, LLC Premier Consulting and Training Firm in
    Tampa, FL and Nationwide

    CP Consulting, LLC is a diverse agency specializing public
    and private consulting and training. Our scope of services

    K-12 Teacher Workshops (Online Only) 2013-2014

    Transition Out of Teaching: 8 Ways to Realign Your Skills
    in a New Profession $50 Math and the Rural Learning:
    Challenges and Strategies to Increase Teachable Moments $50
    Increasing and Organizing Effective Discussion in the
    Classroom $50 Category Learning: A method of Curriculum
    Organization, Effective Learning, and Classroom Management
    $50 Educational Practitioner Consulting Workshop: How to
    Increase Your Salary through Your Teaching Duties $70
    Unveiling the Mystery of Online Teaching: Transitioning Out
    of the Classroom $70

    Public and Private Consulting and Executive Coaching K-12
    Practitioner Continuing Education Certified and Approved
    Law Enforcement Continuing Education College/University
    Faculty Development Admission and Retention Based
    Instructional Practices 2013-2014 List of Educational
    Practitioner Training

    For more information, scheduling, and questions please
    contact our general email cp@cpprofessionalconsultants.com
    or call 866 754 7919 today for specialized information and

CP Consulting, LLC Educational Consulting and Training