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    Posted on 5/30/14
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    Rock your classroom with a mountainous understanding of
    earth science topics!

    Each workshop is designed to help you better understand and
    communicate the geological content presented. You will leave
    with useful resources to help your students excel in earth
    science, including interesting classroom materials and maybe
    even one of our many door prizes. Programs are facilitated
    by a professional geophysicist with extensive teaching
    experience. Will receive a Heard certificate of completion
    of 6-6.5 hours of continuing education in Earth Science.

    These classes are heavily subsidized by the Texas Energy
    Council, the Dallas Geophysical Society, and the Jim and
    Gail Spann Foundation.

    Time: 9:30 a.m. to 3:30

    Teacher Workshop Program Offerings

    The 3 Great Rock Classes, the Rock Cycle, and Mineral ID
    August 8; $55

    Identifying rocks & minerals and understanding the rock
    cycle enables man to see Earth’s geologic changes over time,
    which is essential to planning our future. Teachers will
    discover non-renewable Texas resources which are extensive
    (silica, uranium, gypsum, etc.), and, except for fossil
    fuels, largely unknown.

    Teachers learn useful hands-on ways to indentify classes of
    rocks, better understand the rock cycle, and use tools to
    identify common minerals.

    The included sample kits (labeled rock and mineral samples
    (18 of each) plus an innovative laminated rock-cycle poster
    provide each participant with examples for use with
    supervised practice and in the classroom.

    Plate Tectonics and Faulting
    August 12; $45

    Look at Plate tectonics the way scientists do! You will
    examine rock samples and decode their possible role in past
    plate movements. Learn the most recent science, and
    participate in a hands-on activity to understand how
    geoscientists look back in time to understand previous plate
    geometries. We will discuss the types of faulting seen on
    global and local scales, how to recognize them.

    Participants will receive a CD with the useful maps, graphs,
    examples, and experiments* used in the class.

    Erosion, Weathering, and Soils/Texas in the Past
    August 14; $50

    Never be confused again about these two complementary
    processes when you complete this course. Soils and their
    genesis will be discussed. We will use experiments, visit
    Museum Sanctuary creek and slope sites, and pictures if
    local Texas examples to see E&W in action. We will then
    spend some time investigating the rich fossil history of
    North Texas, which has been laid bare for us by erosion and

    Design your own geologic column using authentic Head
    specimens. Then, investigate ecological consequences of sea
    level fall and salinity in another fossil exercise. A
    15-piece set of interesting authentic local fossils
    (identified) plus a CD of slides and examples will be
    included for each participant.

    *Experiments include: karsting, angle of repose and
    differential loading, soil ID using sieves, what soils come
    from Heard Limestone

    Geology Continuing Education Workshops for Teachers

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