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    Dallas, TX

    Posted on 9/25/15
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    In response to the rise in school bullying and violence,
    Building Strong Families National Seminars is presenting
    the Standing Up To Bullying! Conference at the Hyatt
    House Dallas Lincoln Park, 8221 North Central Expressway,
    Dallas, TX 75225 from 9:00am to 12:00pm (CT).

    Introducing the latest and most relevant international
    research on school (k-12) bullying and violence, the
    Standing Up To Bullying! Conference, a 3-hour conference,
    is designed to empower and equip school administrators,
    educators, social workers, counselors, psychologists, law
    enforcement, and others who work with children with
    skills and tools designed to recognize, minimize or
    eradicate school bullying and violence. The strategies,
    techniques, and interventions cited in this conference
    equally spans elementary thru high school students.

    The cost to attend this conference is $40.00, $35.00 for
    groups of five or more. School purchase orders are
    accepted. Those interested are asked to register by the
    RSVP deadline date of 10/27/2015 by visiting

    School Bullying/Violence Prevention Conference coming to Dallas, TX

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