Amherst Early Music Festival
Posted by Connecticut College, New London, CT on 4/12/06

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    Flutes and Drums around the World:
    A New Approach to Classroom Recorder
    July 16-23, 2006
    Connecticut College, New London, CT
    “Flutes and Drums around the World” is a new approach to
    classroom recorder teaching that energizes elementary school
    children of diverse backgrounds and makes instrumental music
    appealing and accessible to them. Developed by recorder
    virtuoso Nina Stern together with percussionist Mauricio
    Molina, the method uses music from all over the world and
    from different eras to engage children’s interest. Classroom
    recorder teachers are invited to come to the Amherst Early
    Music Festival to learn about this award-winning teaching
    method which has had proven results in the New York schools.
    The course will consist of 6 days of instruction, concerts,
    and special events designed to help teachers to enhance
    their teaching and playing skills.

    The course by Nina Stern and Mauricio Molina will:
    • Provide a foundation in recorder technique and hand
    • Introduce repertoire from around the world, from medieval
    to contemporary.
    • Focus on how to teach improvisation.
    • Demonstrate the power of percussion accompaniment.
    • Teach how to teach non-verbally through conducting gestures.
    • Help teachers to work with large classes and with
    different levels simultaneously.
    • Show how to arrange and harmonize tunes for groups of
    children with varying skill levels
    • Energize teachers to make playing an instrument
    accessible and meaningful to all children.
    • Show how students can personalize their music by
    incorporating their own poetry and dance.
    • Supply information on finding instruments and music.
    • Introduce classroom teachers to a high level of recorder

    Continuing Education Units will be provided. Please inquire.

    The Amherst Early Music Festival is the largest early music
    teaching festival in North America. Participants in the
    “Flutes and Drums around the World” program will have the
    opportunity to register for other classes in the Festival.
    Free admission to all concerts and events is included in the
    tuition. For more information go to

    How to apply
    Fill out the registration form found on our website at and send either full
    tuition payment of $520 or a $100 deposit plus $25
    registration fee to the address below. Checks should be
    made out to Amherst Early Music, Inc. We also accept credit
    card payments (Visa, MC, or AmEx) Send card number,
    expiration date, your name as it appears on the card, the
    total you wish to charge and your signature by fax, postal
    mail or phone.

    Amherst Early Music
    47 Prentiss St.
    Watertown, MA 02472
    fax 617-744-1327

Flutes and Drums around the World