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    Posted by: rajitha on 2/23/17
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    H2kinfosys is being a one of the leading online training
    portal by supporting all the individuals throughout the
    world with a comprehensive online training on various
    technologies. We have designed a big data course
    according to the job market requirement. Our mission is
    to deliver job oriented Hadoop Online Training that
    connects to every individual instantly.

    We cover Big Data concepts such as HDFS, MapReduce, PIG,
    HBASE, FLUME,SQOOP and more during the training program.

    What is Big Data?
    Big data is the advance in data management technology,
    which allows for an increase in the scale and
    manipulation of a company's data. It allows companies to
    know more about their customers, products and their own
    infrastructure. More recently, people have become
    increasingly focused on the monetization of that data.

    Career in Big Data?
    Big data plays a role in almost every industry and is
    rapidly becoming a key driver of business growth and
    competitive advantage. One of the primary benefits of big
    data is its ability to turn data into potential revenue.
    This has created an information-based economy that is
    growing as companies continue to use data to discover new
    insights and make better decisions, which helps
    professionals innovate, improve and optimise businesses.

    The potential for big data to add to a company’s bottom
    line is fuelling tremendous growth in the emerging job
    sector. Many are predicting that there will be a shortage
    of qualified employees available to meet the need for
    data analysts and managers who will be able to
    effectively use big data to make significant decisions.
    While big data may grow significantly across many
    industries,much of the growth will likely be in
    industries related to computer and electronic products,
    information, finance, insurance and the public sector.

    Features of H2kinfosys:
    > One Time Pay-Life Time Access
    > Mock Interview Sessions
    > Job Support
    > Resume preparation
    > 100% job oriented training

    Contact Us:
    US: 770-777-1269

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