Perl Scripting online training from India
Posted by Revanth Technologies on 10/20/11

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    Revanth Technologies which is a high profiled online
    training institute in India offers Perl Scripting online
    training with real time experts and with real time concepts.

    We stand unique in training the shell scripting and Perl
    scripting by providing real time CASE STUDIES with FORWARD
    and REVERSE Engineering techniques of the cases and codes
    which helps you in understanding the roles and
    responsibilities of a TEAM MEMBER in real time environment.

    We provide training in Perl scripting by covering the
    installation of Perl, scalar variables($), Array
    variables(@), Hash array variables(%), Regular expressions,
    subroutines etc .. with real time scenarios depending upon
    the requirement of the role, like wise real time scenarios
    in Development, CGI PERL, System Administration, Automation,
    Testing Perl and DBA etc. In addition to that we make you
    understand the real time CASE studies by using Forward
    Engineering and REVERSE Engineering techniques.

    For more details please contact 9290971883 or 040 64559566.
    Mail id :
    For course content and more details please visit