SAS Training One-One Long Distance
Posted by Melody Arons Center on 3/09/12

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    Do you want to learn skills to pay the bills? SAS is your
    answer because it is the gold standard for data analysis.
    Dr. Arons was a former Columbia University professor and a
    member of the administrative and financial management of
    Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center, with 30 years
    experience in teaching and coding with SAS. He will work
    with you, unlock your talents and teach you the computer
    skills that has allowed him to obtain advanced degrees and
    earn a living for decades. Did you or did you not graduate
    from either high school or college and have skills that
    were never encouraged or recognized? Are you working as an
    undergraduate and want to jump-start your career? Do you
    write on you resume that your computer skills are only
    spreadsheets and word processing? Are you a graduate
    student working on your thesis and want to work with real
    data and with questions that are interesting and cutting
    edge? Are you a professional and need technical support to
    work on a data set that has unique properities? A range of
    tutorials are available for beginners, intermediate and
    skilled SAS programmers in need tune-ups. Courses range
    from learning: how to navigate the many SAS screen and
    icons; exploratory data analysis (EDA); performing
    descriptive statistics; linear and multivariate analysis
    and the complex analysis of survey data. All tutorialsí are
    individualized to meet your needs.