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Posted by Tracstutor on 9/23/12

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    Online Financial Accounting Tutoring and Homework
    Assistance Site
    Learning Financial Accounting Should Not Be:
    1. A Heavy Burden
    2. Complecated
    3. Hard
    4. Stressful
    5. Expensive

    Learning Financial Accounting Should Be:
    1. Achievable
    2. Affordable
    3. Convenient
    4. Effective
    5. Efficient

    Financial Accounting Subject Tutoring and Homework
    Assistance in:
    ~ Financial Accounting Terms
    ~ Creating Financial Statements
    ~ Making and Posting Journal/Adjusting Entries
    ~ Placing Debits and Credits
    ~ Inventories Calculations
    ~Accounts Receivable/Payable Calculations
    ~ Financial Statement Analysis,
    ~ And Many More.

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