Online AP-Calculus & AP stattistcs Class by a PhD
Posted by on 12/15/13

(1) Comments own and Teach by a group of university
    professors in USA.

    We offer Full Year AP Calculus and AP Statistics Classes.
    Our online classes are delivered using MATHXL (Pearson
    Education) and Blackboard Learning Management Systems.
    Our student Receive:
    Personalized Study Plans
    Interactive Homework Assignments
    Immediate Feedback
    Help through Interactive learning aids
    Discussion Board
    Our class offer students what you see todays' American
    Universities. So, your child is prepared even before he/she
    get admission to American University.
    Admission to Ivy League or even to a good university in USA
    is getting tougher every year. Main reason is Applicant pool
    is getting larger and larger.
    Typical High school graduation with SAT scores is not enough
    at all. You need to show that you have taken challenging
    courses. AP classes signals to admission officers that you
    are ready for college level work.

    Take AP Calculus & AP Statistics from us. You will be glad
    that you did it.
    We Own & We Teach