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    Posted on 1/27/15
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    Professional English Teaching
    One-to-One via Skype !
    Specialist English courses with a dedicated and
    knowledgeable tutor .
    ( 12 years experience of Online teaching ).
    Improve your English speaking skills with no grammar rule
    memorization !!!

    You can choose not only what, how and how often to have
    English classes but the duration of a lesson as well :
    20 min. - 5 Euro
    30 min. - 6 Euro
    50 min. - 10 Euro
    90 min. - 15 Euro

    Farthermore: You can have a daily 20 minute chat on the
    issue of the day just, letís say, as English Maintenance work.

    You can learn:
    Everyday Conversational English,
    IELTS preparation
    English for Schoolchildren,
    English for Business people
    English for Managers and Executives,
    English for Politicians and Medics.

    I have the qualification, patience and ability to teach you
    in a grammatically and pedagogically correct structure.

    So, try a lesson now and see for yourself.
    First lesson is free !
    Later: No pay in advance.
    Flexible timetable.
    Very reasonable price.
    Webcam isnít required due to privacy reasons, but welcomed
    if you want.
    So, Skype - megagamma !
    And ask for a diagnostic test.
    Skype ID: megagamma

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