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    I am Mara, a Spanish girl who teaches Spanish through
    skype. I am an energetic and outgoing person who has more
    than ten years of experiences as a personal tutoring in
    Spain and The Netherlands and teaching is something that
    I really enjoy. So I have decided to create ¡ Buenos
    días!. This is an online program(on skype) that give you
    the opportunity to learn from home, flexible hours and in
    a comfortable way. In this classes I use my own material,
    which I will provide you(free). Furthermore, I also
    provide a guide book. These classes are dynamic classes
    in which you will learn or improve, not only
    pronunciation, also grammar and vocabulary. Moreover, in
    each class you will learn things about Spanish culture
    and topics, all in all I offer personalised classes, in
    which you will learn not only a language, also a culture.
    My program is called ¡Buenos días! And I have created a
    facebook page have a look if you want to know more,
    If you are interested contact me , and we will have a
    first class for free in which we will meet each other and
    I will be able to adjust the program to you and your
    necessities =)!! Without any obligations =). This is your
    opportunity to learn!
    Looking forward hearing from you!
    ¡Hasta luego!

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