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    Posted by: UMM-E-HAMZA on 1/20/17
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    You want to go to the Arabic countries for a job That's
    So no problem in the dialogue there as long as you have
    the English Is that what you think
    Let's say that what do you think is true but do not you
    think that if you're familiar with the Arabic language
    that will be great advantage for you and you will earn
    more Yes that's right No one can deny this Come on and
    learn with me the Arabic
    Aaaaaaaah You are thinking now that learning Arabic takes
    a long time wrong wrong thinking
    You can be familiar with the basic Arabic which will help
    you to speak in less time but with WORK HARD I repeat
    with WORK HARD
    I mean I can teach you the basic Arabic in 36 hours in
    one month Yes one month
    with your WORK HARD you will be able to make conversation
    actually you will start speak Arabic from first hour
    Want private lessons and face-to-face YOU ARE WELCOME
    Want lessons through online YOU ARE WELCOME
    So go ahead what are you waiting for
    Learn Arabic to earn more and better life
    Learn Arabic with UMME-HAMZA from the Arabs
    having experience more than 15 years Arabic head
    department in several school
    waiting for you to learn Arabic with me

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