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    Posted on 5/28/18
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    Hua Xiang School is the first Chinese Online School that
    offers live online classes in which a teacher can teach
    and communicate with all students in a class. Our
    strengths are:
    High Quality
    Our teaching team is composed of teachers at different
    ages, and with variety of teaching experience from one-
    on-one to big classes of 50 students.
    In order to enhance the understanding and absorption of
    teaching contents, our teachers can use Internet movies,
    videos and reading materials in classes at a click.
    Secured Software
    We choose and utilize a proved commercially available
    online conference platforms (Currently we use Fuze
    Meeting. Learn more about this software here) to
    facilitate an effective interactive conversation between
    our teachers and students, just like they are in the real
    Unique Teaching
    Students are attracted by our teachers’ delicate design
    of lessons incorporated with the animated visual effects
    of PowerPoints, computer audio system and internet
    resources, such as Youtube.
    Low Price
    We match the lowest tuition of Chinese schools

    Learn Chines in Virtual Class

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