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Posted by BeLink on 3/17/11

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    Are you a teacher with high school math or science lesson
    plans and an ability to teach on camera? Our Bay Area
    startup, BeLink - in partnership with Xuetong Education, a
    Chinese tutoring school - is expanding its online lesson
    service to include math and science courses in English for
    middle and high school students in China (subjects: pre-
    Algebra, Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, Physics,
    Chemistry, Trigonometry).

    BeLink is seeking engaging, energetic and student-oriented
    math and science teachers who can create a series of videos
    (5-10 film hours by May) specific to our desired subjects
    and grade levels. We provide the topics (curriculum), but
    the teachers create the lessons, drawing on existing or
    newly created lesson plans. Each video-lesson is 15 minutes
    in length. All filming can be done from home and uploaded
    online, but we can offer technical assistance, if

    Teachers who commit to a full subject module (approximately
    20 videos) are paid $20 per video plus royalties for each
    module sold. We also offer bonuses to teachers who bring
    other teachers on board. We are only accepting applications
    from native English speakers.

    This is an excellent opportunity to earn supplemental
    income, create an online teaching portfolio, and become
    part of a growing team in an exciting market. If you are
    already sitting on years of lesson plans and you have fun
    teaching, please send us your resume and a short cover
    letter. Our company has an ambitious timeline and will
    contact qualified candidates immediately.